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Arnaldo Lopez Jr.

Award-winning writer and author Arnaldo Lopez Jr.

Award-winning writer and author Arnaldo Lopez Jr.

Award-winning writer and author Arnaldo Lopez Jr.Award-winning writer and author Arnaldo Lopez Jr.Award-winning writer and author Arnaldo Lopez Jr.

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Arnaldo Lopez Jr., writer and author
Arnaldo Lopez Jr.


There's much to see here. So, please take your time and look around. I hope you enjoy my site and maybe even take a moment to drop me a line.  I'd love to hear from you!

About Me

My Bio:

Arnaldo Lopez Jr. was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY., but now resides in the borough of Queens, NY.  Before retiring, Arnaldo Lopez Jr had been employed by the MTA for twenty-eight years and was formerly employed as a dispatcher with the NYPD.   Mr. Lopez is also a speaker and trainer, speaking on subjects as diverse as terrorism and customer service.   He created the civilian counter-terrorism training program currently in use by New York City Transit and many other major public transportation agencies around the country. 

As well as writing, Mr. Lopez is an artist and photographer, having sold several of his works over the years.   As a writer he’s sold articles to Railway Age magazine, The Daily News magazine, Homeland Defense Journal, and Reptile & Amphibian magazine; scripts to Little Archie and Personality Comics; and short stories to Neo-Opsis magazine, Lost Souls e-zine, Nth Online magazine, Blood Moon magazine, The Acentos Review magazine, Feed Your Monster e-zine, Fangs and Broken Bones horror anthology, Swallowed by the Beast horror anthology, Trembling with Fear horror anthology, Monsters Attack horror anthology, and the “A reflection of Me”: An AAMBC Anthology.   He was the recipient of the Emmett Cribbs award for short fiction. He was also editor of Offworld, a small science fiction magazine that was once chosen as a "Best Bet" by Sci-Fi television.   His first novel, Chickenhawk, is the winner of two International Latino Book awards.


Arnaldo Lopez feels that the writers that have influenced him the most are - in no particular order - Lawrence Sanders, Ernest Hemmingway, Robert E. Howard, Harry Turtledove, Isaac Asimov, Dean Koontz, James Patterson and Stephen King.

What am I working on now...?

Well, I just finished a children's picture book in collaboration with my granddaughter, I'm working on a sequel to Chickenhawk, I'm doing the preliminary edits on the rough draft of my latest short story: The Beast of Cabo Rojo, and much more!

I am available for speaking engagements!

I will be more than happy to speak with your bookclub!

My current books

Winner of two International Latino Book Awards


Winner of two International Latino Book Awards.

Children's picture book, Big Heart's Big Day

Children's Picture Book

Written in collaboration with my 7-year old granddaughter.

Reviews of Chickenhawk (Downloads)

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My Blog

My thoughts on writing, reading, and books with an occasional bit of Latino insight.

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Hi. Before my daughter Oriana passed away, she suggested that I create a YouTube channel where I offer advice. She felt that I gave out some good advice over the years. Now I'm not entirely sure that this is what she envisioned, but here it is, "The Talking Dad."

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